TallyKey Power Pedestals

Why Choose TallyKey?

When you invest in supply equipment there are many factors to consider:

•    Price, quality and service life
•    Safety and durability
•    Simplicity of installation and maintenance

TallyKey has combined the latest technology and a timeless design, ensuring many years of maintenance-free operation and the best return on your investment.  The elegant design also makes a positive contribution to the guests’ first impression of the marina or campsite.

TallyKey pedestals are made in weather resistant anodized aluminium, with screws, bolts and shafts made from acid-resistant steel, making them robust and reliable.  Only the highest quality materials are used in production, ensuring the pedestal’s useful life is at least 15-20 years with minimal maintenance.

Installation is easy, however, we provide training to ensure our installation standards are met.  Our excellent product service and support guarantees you many years of operation without the need for service.

We have achieved a durable, user friendly design where safety is paramount for both you and your guests.  All TallyKey pedestals are compliant with European Regulations and AS/NZS 3004 Standards.

Tested & Compliant with AS/NZS 3100 & 3004
Certificate of Suitability Approval # CS8661N


Market leaders in design, quality and function

The applications in the Southern Hemisphere for power, water and service pedestals in marinas and campgrounds are among the most rigorous on the globe. The UV, wind, sea spray and driving rain are what make this part of the planet the most demanding when it comes to bollards. Marathon has affiliated itself with the very best in pedestal, access and point-of-sale solutions to excel in the most aggressive marina weather environments. All products are rigorously tested before release and bear the CE Label.


TallyKey brings over 30 years of experience working with aluminium. Competent employees ensure uniform and very high quality assembly in the electrical fitting and final installation these service units. Every TallyKey plinth integrates experience gained in rugged sea spray and high temperature conditions from Norway to Dubai.


Design and Development

In product development, heavy emphasis is placed on attractive, simple and classic designs which will fit well into their environment. TallyKey service modules are easy to install and service - designed with the local electrician, plumber and installer in mind. We look towards the future and develop tomorrow's solutions with the market's best relationship between price, performance and quality.


Power and Water Conservation

This technology allows staff to interact with customers and build relationships rather than chasing payment or meter readings.


TallyCard and TallyBee

Power and Water Conservation

The TallyCard System encourages service users to be thrifty in their use of utilities and generally produce double-digit reduction in overall power and water consumption at facilities using the system. TallyCard is the right technology for the times as utility costs and consumption both trend upward. This technology also frees up staff to interact with customers and build relationships rather than being a bill collector. The cash-flow dynamics of the TallyCard System are significant. TallyCard is a robust solution for access and any number of services at facilities. From power, water, gated access, parking, showers, washers and dryers, pumps - the applications are limited only by the imagination.

TallyBee enables remote feedback of power and/or water consumption at your desktop. Beyond utilities consumption, operation activity of nearly any device can be monitored to provide the basis for a user-pays programme or expense allocation. Based on a cellular wireless structure, the system links pedestals and access points to your computer in the office, giving full access to your installation.

Further, TallyBee monitored devices can be configured to enable remote control (on/off) to prevent unauthorized use or consumption of utilities. The TallyBee System is provided with a discrete software program that can stand on its’ own or feed existing management software systems.

TallyCard and TallyBee measured utilities enable users to consume all they would like – but to only pay for what they use. With this technology, your facility can be liberated from the inequity of the averaged cost model. Frugal users of utilities are rewarded and mass consumers pay their own way. After conversion, we see utility consumption drop from 15 to 35% within a year as users discover how conservation can reduce their cost of operation. Few will suggest that we will ever see decreases again in cost of power or water. Isolating those costs and enabling users to pay as they go is a major step to insulate your business from challenging trends.


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